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Founded in 1904, the UMAA has more than 50,000 members, representing more than 485,000 living alumni of the Twin Cities campus of the University of Minnesota. The University of Minnesota Alumni Association is a member-funded organization that cares about all alumni and deeply values its members who support its mission. Every graduate matters to the U of M alumni association and when students graduate, they're joining a lifelong community of more than 477,000 people. The mission and values of the U of M Alumni Association offer inclusivity and relevancy to all alumni, regardless of their stage in life.

Through the U of M Alumni Association's programs and services, we strive to create impact and enrichment to our alumni no matter who or where they are. We, along with our global community of alumni, accomplish this by:

Connecting Alumni

  • Networking
  • Career Services
  • Supporting professional development
  • Sustaining life-long learning and enrichment
  • Socializing and fellowship, shared loyalty and love for the U
  • Helping other alumni in their personal and professional lives
  • Joining the Alumni Association and supporting its mission
  • Creating unique access to people, places and events

Supporting Students

  • Teaching traditions and welcoming them to the U and alumni family
  • Mentoring
  • Speaking in classrooms
  • Serving on career panels
  • Conducting informational interviews
  • Opening doors and networks
  • Providing internships and hiring students
  • Funding scholarships
  • Helping transition to life after graduation
  • Serving as inspiration to students' aspirations

Strengthening the U

  • Advocating for the U
  • Making philanthropic gifts
  • Providing alumni perspectives and feedback to University leaders
  • Showing pride as brand ambassadors
  • Volunteering time and talent on behalf of the U
  • Representing and promoting the U in the workplace, local communities and online
  • Becoming patrons of the U of M arts and athletics (season tickets; attending events)

The University of Minnesota Alumni Association is always growing and adding new ways to help alumni stay connected and enrich their lives. We are able to do this because of the generosity and support we receive from our dues-paying members. Please visit the Membership section of this website to view all the benefits and rewards that come with making the commitment to support everything we do. Whether our alumni are still in school, a recent graduate, or graduated years ago, the Alumni Association offers every single graduate a way to get involved, give back, and get more out of their degree and connection to the U.

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