Volunteer Spotlight: Holly Choon Hyang Bachman



Q: What is your favorite experience as an Alumni Association volunteer?

A: Serving as Co-Chair for the newly launched Multicultural Alumni Network (MCAN) where I am able to be on the grounds of creating and establishing something really important and very special for students of color and help them get connected on campus and beyond for generations to come.

Q: Why do you volunteer?

A: I love to volunteer as it not only allows me to have some fun, but I am able to connect and help others as well as it helps me grow as a person both personally and professionally as well. I am also able to meet some amazing people and get to showcase some of my passion, skills and talent / experience that can be mutually beneficial for all involved.

Q: Why would you encourage others to volunteer?

A: I believe everyone should volunteer in some way at some point in their life…as it also serves as a great networking opportunity for those who are trying to get to know the area and/or meet more / new people. Volunteering also provides individuals to go above and beyond themselves which we definitely need more in today’s world…We can do so much and make a huge impact, if we can all pull together and make a difference together.

Q: Share some alumni words of wisdom

A: Get Involved, Volunteer and Mentor…I think the most rewarding experience of being an alumni is being able to give back as well as have the opportunity to attend/participate in some pretty cool programs/events and activities that help connect and reconnect other alumni, other students, staff and faculty to the greater community. It’s very motivating and inspiring to see the success of your fellow alumni who are contributing and making a difference both locally and globally!

MixedRootsFoundationLogoMore about Holly:

Holly Choon Hyang Bachman is a 2003 CLA Grad with a B.A. in Sociology with a minor in Social Psychology. She currently serves as the Co-Chair for the newly launched Multicultural Alumni Network (MCAN) at the University of Minnesota Alumni Association. Bachman also serves in a variety of volunteer capacities as the Founder and President of Mixed Roots Foundation whom she founded after starting a high school student cultural diversity group called Mixed Roots in Owatonna, MN in 1997 and visiting her birth country South Korea in 1995 and 2010. Mixed Roots Foundation raises awareness and funds for the adoption and foster care community. Bachman also serves as Co-Chair for the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce’s Nonprofit Council. Bachman currently resides in Pasadena, CA and enjoys watching movies, spending time with friends and family along with mentoring youth in the greater community.

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