Alumni Association Launches the Maroon and Gold Network

A free, online resource for accelerating career development

University of Minnesota alumni are innovative, creative and ambitious. They’re also interested in sharing their talent and expertise with fellow alumni and students to help them advance their careers. To meet that need, the Alumni Association has launched the Maroon and Gold Network.

What is the Maroon and Gold Network?

An online career and networking platform developed and funded by the Alumni Association where alumni can give career-related advice to current students and fellow U of M grads.

Getting started is easy!

  • Select the topics you’re willing to assist others with. (It’s even possible to specify the number of advice requests you receive each month).
  • Schedule conversations online (they can be in-person, on the phone, video chat, or through email), right through the Maroon and Gold Network.
  • Utilize powerful keyword search options that allow participants to perform highly tailored searches to find alumni who share their specific interests. For example, it’s possible to browse the network to find individuals who are willing to share insights by industry, college, major, degree type, employer, location and more.
  • Reach out to fellow alumni for advice that helps your own career.

Interested in getting involved with the Maroon and Gold Network? CLICK HERE.

For more information: Contact the Alumni Association at 612-624-2323.


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